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What to Consider

In deployment of a new control room you need to consider all aspects of the design first by understanding what your objectives are. Harp's step by step approach working from first principles ' who needs to what' to do their job taking into account the needs of operators, management & sales and our clients' clients needs. From which a full design can be proposed including full 3D renderings and fly through showing how the project will be implemented.

Harp can assist with:

Control Room

Knowlegde Wall

Solutions for Control Rooms and Dynamic Signage

Harp design, supply, install and maintain video walls for command and control systems. Its core skill is in the integration of multiple images sources into one continuous screen surface through its own video wall processor MERLIN.

Body Temperature Scanning


What technology is available

Displays LCD - LED -resolution, Video Wall processing, Video Wall Control Software, KVM, desk top displays, Security - HDMI data blocking, video conferencing, site mirroring, access control - door entry - CCTV, COVID Screening.

Dynamic Signage


Deployment of Technology

Once Harp understands the clients needs we can suggest various techniques to to enable them to undersatnd and control the 'world as they know it'. Enabling better quicker discussion making, instant management overview and network status on shift change.



Layout of Control Rooms

Harp is partnered with Evans Consoles who together with can provide concept and design through to full fit out. Working from first principles on 'who needs to do what' Harp can provide a complete design that fulfils all of the clients needs. Full 3D rendering provides a low risk solution WYSIWYG.

Mission Critical Support

Global 24/7 support

From Harp's 24/7 support center it provides back-up to live mission critical control rooms for clients that need immediate response to issues that may arise on their systems. If faults can not be fixed on line or by phone one of Harps's own engineers will be dispatched to resolve the issue.

Full Fit-Out

Where Professional engineering skills are needed

Harp have delivered tailored projects which require a large amount of ergonmic design, best working practices and technical expertise in the build of control centres enabling comfort and efficency. The complete fit-out will be handled by Harp's integration team. All aspects considered air conditioning, lighting, electrics, desk poitioning, panelling and finish's.

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